This short video shows two recent ram raids in Australia where different vehicles were used to break through storefronts about ten days ago. The first incident was quite violent, while the second was rather tame.

In the first ram raid a small dark colored Toyota truck is first captured by the front door camera as it makes a sharp turn from the parking lot and accelerates straight through the glass front doors of a Repco store in Greenway before coming to an abrupt stop.

A second camera looking at the cashier’s station also captures the violent intrusion from a different angle. Then a masked perpetrator is shown throwing a box (of auto parts?) into the back of the truck. (Note: Perhaps they needed to replace a damaged truck part from the collision!)

Just a few hours later another vehicle, possibly a small SUV or hatchback, was used in a second smash and grab at a Domino’s Pizza in Weston. Here the perpetrators used the vehicle to push in and crack the glass entrance.

Then a perpetrator first used a crow bar and then his foot to smash open the glass and enter the store. The crow bar is clearly seen as he makes his way over the counter. A few seconds later he is seen leaving with a dark object, perhaps the cash drawer.

Neither location had crash rated bollards or other perimeter security barriers protecting the storefronts.

ACT Policing released the video “UPDATE: Police release CCTV of ram raids in Greenway and Weston”. Officials are looking for witnesses or video footage that can help in apprehending the criminals.

ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Policing is the community policing arm of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The territory is located in the southeastern part of the country. The Australian capital city is Canberra, located between Sydney and Melbourne. Both Greenway and Weston are suburbs of Canberra.

Repco is an auto parts chain with more than 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand. Domino’s is a pizza chain with some 5,000 locations.

We first wrote about ram raids in Australia earlier this month at “Ram Raid Crime Spree Reported in Australia This Past April“.

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