I wrote a recent blog article “Crash And Grabs High End Goods Plaguing Melbourne Australia“. These ram raids were being executed in the high end retail area along Collins Street in Melbourne, Australia.

The above video by #7 News reported that two men were apprehended and in custody. They are suspects in a breakthrough investigation of this string of crimes on Collins Street.

Pictures of the aftermath of these crash and grabs are included in the video. Several boutiques including Dior and Berluti are shown.

Among the items being stolen from boutique fashion houses were satchels and handbags along with other handcrafted leather goods. A jewelry store, a gold company and even a bicycle shop were targeted.

The police raided four homes in the northern suburbs and seized designer clothes and accessories. The two men who were arrested were also charged with additional smash and grabs in other nearby towns.

In these reports and stories, there is a focus not only on the types and values of the stolen goods. I also try to underscore the resulting damage to the store itself as well as the downtime and lost business that results from the crash and grabs.

This also ties in with last week’s story about “Security Bollards For Commercial Locations and Outdoor Space“. This piece highlighted an article that was a primer on bollards and security. It mentioned using bollards to impede vehicles outside of storefronts.

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