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I thought to myself that this story is truly a sad state of affairs as I read “Business owner fears young offenders taking part in ram raids like they’re a game” from ABC News in Australia.

I could not believe that a gang of nine youths, aged 12 to 16, were “…charged over a series of ram raids” that of all things included vehicles they had stolen! The ram raids happened in Port Hedland and South Hedland, small towns on the north coast of Western Australia.

Seven or eight incidents were cited, all of which were the result of opportunities that could easily have been prevented. The crash and grab thieves “walked through unlocked doors, stole keys (of two motor vehicles) and drove off.”

Police are very worried about the impact acts such as these by juveniles will have on their victims. An owner of a convenience store that was victimized was disturbed. She admitted to becoming emotional and even crying about it afterward. She was quoted to say “It’s a game to them…(they’re) trying to be a hero…(here and) on Facebook.”

A police spokesperson also talked about the challenges of not only dealing with the youthful perpetrators and also the victims. The store sells candy to the kids and the owner doesn’t have the vast resources for repairs and losses.

I have often discussed that the damages caused by these crash and grabs often vastly exceed the actual loss of property stolen.

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