Attention To Detail - Turnkey Installation 02

Attention To Detail – Turnkey Installation 02

In our article last week, I discussed installation of automatic barrier gates at an office building in Schaumburg, IL to control trespasser access after-hours. You can read the article at “Magnetic Barrier Gates Control After Hour Access in Schaumburg.”

Attention to detail was critical for this turnkey installation. As part of the scope of the project, we carefully removed the bricks at the entry and exit lanes to allow installation of preformed vehicle detector loops. The vehicle detector loops integrate with the versatile Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates that now limit access to the property after business hours.

Notice how the bricks were neatly piled on skids (far left, center) and placed along the curb (lower grass line) of the existing driveway in the above image. This allowed them to be easily replaced.

Additionally, we pre-formed the concrete island where the two automatic barrier gates were installed. (See the image below.) This involved horizontal boring work, installing electrical conduit and wiring, concrete pour, installation of equipment and making all necessary connections. All work was done with care to match the surrounding aesthetics.

Attention To Detail - Turnkey Installation 01

Attention To Detail – Turnkey Installation 01

For this and every installation, ECI prides itself on being detail oriented. The gates themselves allow for customizable paint finishes to match the office building’s needs and preferences.

The end result was a turnkey vehicle access control solution with seamless integration into the existing property. The owner was thrilled with the project, including the attention to detail with the brickwork and concrete island installation. This exemplifies our commitment to providing versatile, custom security solutions while maintaining the surrounding environment.

Let ECI handle your current or future turnkey vehicle access and revenue control needs. We can also service and maintain your existing equipment. Contact us at 847.949.0134 or click below for our online form or direct contact information.

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