Double Lane Vehicle Access Loyola Parking Garage

Double Lane Vehicle Access Loyola Parking Garage

A double lane garage access at Loyola’s campus is shown in the above photo. ECI completed this installation of a WPS Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) for Loyola in Chicago last year.

Here you see two automatic barrier gates, one on each lane. On the left, you can see the card access control reader on the black gooseneck pedestal and a value pass proximity reader just next to it on a wide black base. The same equipment was installed on the unseen lane.

Drivers entering the garage either pull up near the access control or value pass reader. The car is idling on a vehicle detection loop which was also installed by ECI. Patrons can then present their valid credentials or value pass. Upon validation the barrier gate opens to allow access. Once the second vehicle detection loop senses the car, the barrier closes and the system resets for the next vehicle. A Commend intercom system is available to talk to the parking office.

This is just a portion of the extensive system which also includes entry and exit terminals, pay on foot terminals as well as software. The entire lane retrofitted conduit subsystem, junction boxes as well as the infrastructure switches were also furnished and installed by ECI. We did not furnish the yellow bollards protecting the equipment from potential damage from cars.

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