Dual Sliding Gates in Chicago

Dual Sliding Gates in Chicago

Last year ECI was called in to replace dual sliding gate operators for this facility (see image above) on Chicago’s south side. The entry gate is to the right of the guard building and the exit gate is on the left. You can see the black box housing one gate operator behind the gate, between the dark vehicle and the light pole on the left in the image.

Both the previous sliding gate operators as well as the replacement units were furnished by Nortek Linear® (OSCO). Shown below is a close-up view of the sliding gate operator on a standard post mount. There is an optional pad mount also available.

Linear Slide Gate Operator 01

Linear® offers commercial duty slide gate operators in ½, one and two horsepower versions. The 1/2 horsepower model has the capacity to move gates up to 45 feet in length and weighing a maximum of 1100 pounds. The one horsepower unit handles gates up to 78 feet in length and 2500 pounds. And the two horsepower unit supports gates up to 100 feet long, weighing a maximum of 4000 pounds.

Please note the tan wire to the right that leads to the small rectangular box mounted on the post. This is one end of a photoelectric beam and the other end is across the lane. There is a similar hookup on the other side of this post. These either signal the gate when a car has entered or passed through the opening and trips a relay so the gate can automatically close.

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