Elka Barrier Gates - Easter Seals Exit

Elka Barrier Gates – Easter Seals Exit

Last year ECI provided a turnkey installation for vehicular access control for this Easter Seals location in Chicago, IL. The egress lanes are shown above with two new Elka automatic barrier gates. Pictured below is the same view prior to the installation.

Easter Seals Exit Lanes Before

Easter Seals Exit Lanes Before

Elka automatic barrier gates are available in both right and left-handed configurations, as shown. There are five standard and three long barrier gate arm length options, ranging from eight to 26.5 feet.

The ELKA series offers a range of key features that enhance performance and convenience in parking management. Many standard and optional features are available. These include relay inputs to integrate access control systems and outputs to trigger warning lights and sounders.

Up to three vehicle detector loops (two are shown in the foreground in the top image) can be wired in. An optional module allows for automatic opening in case of power failure. Pictured above in standard colors of blue hood and white body but optional custom colors are available upon request.

The vehicle detector loops activate and send signals for the gates to open upon reaching the barrier gates and to close once a vehicle clears the gate. The four bollards with yellow covers help protect the equipment from accidental damage from low-speed collisions.

The Easter Seals Terrence J. Hancock Family Campus in Chicago is a unique facility designed to support individuals with disabilities, particularly those on the autism spectrum. Built in 2008, the campus offers a comprehensive suite of programs under one roof. This includes educational programs at the Easterseals Academy, medical and therapeutic services and even independent living capabilities.

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