Loyola Medical - Emergency Room Parking Lot Entrance

Loyola Medical – Emergency Room Parking Lot Entrance

A hospital’s emergency room is vital for the immediate care of those in dire need. Believe me, I am well familiar with them. But where does someone park their vehicle for the times they often wait long hours for medical assistance?

The above image shows the entry lane to the emergency room parking lot for vehicles at the Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, IL. ECI installed an extensive Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) at this location.

The all-in-one barrier gate and barrier gate operator on the mid-right was supplied by WPS. The barrier gate is shown in the vertical, open position to allow free access. There are certain times when access is controlled and the barrier gate is horizontal, or closed. There is an access control reader to allow entry at these times for employees and staff and a Valu-Pass access reader and display for paying patrons on the left.

Access Control Devices Loyola Parking Garage Deck B

Access Control Devices Loyola Parking Garage Deck B

The access control reader is a little hard to see from the wide view above. It is mounted on a black gooseneck pedestal which is obscured by the black base of the Valu-Pass support. So I included an image to the left from an earlier blog article that shows a similar installation.

Both the barrier gate and the access control equipment for the emergency lot are protected by two yellow concrete bollards, one mounted on each side. These protect against minor damage from an accidental vehicle collision.

When a vehicle drives into the access lane the system is alerted by a vehicle detector loop. The cut marks are also a little hard to see in the concrete.

The barrier gate opens after authorized access credentials are presented. After the vehicle passes through the gate area and over a second vehicle detector loop, a relay is activated and the barrier gate closes.

Learn more about our Parking and Revenue Control Systems on our PARCS systems page.

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