West Turnstile Kraft Foods Champaign

West Turnstile Kraft Foods Champaign

ECI recently replaced two outdoor perimeter turnstiles for Kraft Foods in Champaign, Il. Pictured above is the tandem (or two-way) employee turnstile on the west side of the campus. These turnstiles are unattended and do not need personnel to control since they are integrated into the existing access control system.

When an authorized (right time and date) credential is presented the turnstile unlocks. A single rotation allows entry in the permitted direction. Upon rotation, the turnstile locks again. Designed for one person to pass through at a time, tailgating (or following through simultaneously) is thus deterred. Unauthorized attempts will not unlock the turnstile and can be recorded.

Note the proximity reader installed on the right frame. Keypads, insertion cards, bar code readers and even biometric readers can also be used.

East Turnstile Kraft Foods Champaign

East Turnstile Kraft Foods Champaign

These turnstiles are meant to secure access by pedestrians entering or exiting a secure or sensitive area or facility. Both this turnstile and the one pictured to the left are full height for extended security. (Note: This is as versus half height turnstiles which are typically used in fare collection applications on transit systems and can be vaulted.)

Locked turnstiles can be unlocked and allow free egress in an emergency situation such as when a fire occurs. This is accomplished by interfacing with a relay control from the fire alarm system. Manual release is also available through a guard or security personnel.

Applications in highly sensitive areas could include military bases, power plants, prisons, embassies, courthouses, etc. Other installations may include public buildings, theme parks, sports stadiums, parking lots, recreational facilities, lobbies, etc.

Access Control Integration

Employees use existing proximity cards to gain access. These same credentials can gain access to other points within and around the physical location, including parking lots. Management can thus determine comings and goings along with access attempts when not authorized.

An access control system usually has various degrees of authorized access to which employees are assigned. These are defined by time and day zones. For instance, someone might have day or night shift authorization only while others may come and go 24/7.

According to its Website “The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands.”

The turnstiles were manufactured by Alvarado and supplied by others. Alvarado is a privately held American based manufacturer with headquarters in California.

These types of barrier protection compliment systems typically sold and installed by ECI. To learn more about those products, and what you can expect from ECI, please visit ECI-Illinois.com  or click on the box below to Contact us.