Barrier Gate Entrapment Zone by HySecurity

Barrier Gate Entrapment Zone by HySecurity

I previously wrote two articles about entrapment zones for gate security applications. The most recent focused on double swing gate systems and the first one centered on single swing gates.

In this article I want to discuss the single entrapment area that requires detection for a typical barrier gate.

Barrier gates are found on tollways in the greater Chicagoland area, in exit and entry lanes in parking garages and lots as well as gated residential communities, and other locations. In these applications barrier gates are meant to stop normal traffic and collect tolls and parking fees or authorizations, to determine identities for access purposes, etc.

They are not meant to impede terrorist activity by stopping a speeding vehicle laden with explosives or a rampaging van trying to mow down citizens and tourists. Barrier gates are not constructed to do so and typically are constructed with a break away arm to minimize damage.

However, because of potential pedestrian foot and bike traffic in the area the barrier arm moves up and down, a barrier gate must likewise be monitored for entrapment. Here the better terminology might be a “knock on the head” rather than entrapment although that can be quite damaging if not lethal.

The detector shown in the image above is a photoelectric eye transmitter and its reflector. If something or somebody obscures the beam the barrier gate returns to its upward position. This photo-beam is commonly installed (and required in places) in a residential garage door system to prevent the door from closing if there is an obstruction.

As before, we at ECI strongly recommend you have the entrapment protection devices regularly inspected to ensure they are in proper working order for your own protection. ECI can provide regular inspection and testing of your vehicular gate barrier systems and components. To learn more about ECI programs, please visit our Service and Preventative Maintenance page.

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