Barrier Gate Exit From Lot 2 Loyola Maywood

Barrier Gate Exit From Lot 2 Loyola Maywood

Just last week I wrote about work ECI did for Loyola University Medical Center which is located in Maywood, IL. I detailed the equipment for vehicular access to lot #2 and employee parking.

In addition, we also installed a WPS Magnetic Automation “Parking Pro” barrier gate at the lot’s egress lane. This is another one of several such gates in the campus-wide Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS).

There is much less equipment at the exit lane. You can see the combination barrier gate and operator. Notice the cut marks in the pavement near the yellow arrow just underneath the middle of the barrier arm. A vehicle detector loop was buried in the pavement there.

This loop senses a car or truck (and even a motorcycle) when it stops before the barrier gate. It relays the barrier gate to open. Once the vehicle passes over a second, unseen vehicle detector loop, another relay sends a signal for the barrier arm to lower. This is free egress since credentials are not required to exit the lot.

I do want to point out the gray bollards (installed by others) in front of the barrier gate operator. The intent is to protect against potential damage by vehicles traveling at low speeds.

Again, this is just a part of the extensive PARCS system which includes software, exit and entry terminals, pay on foot terminals, access control equipment, an intercom system and value pass readers.

You can learn more on our PARCS systems page. We invite you to call ECI at 847.949.0134 to discuss your current or future needs or for service and maintenance on your existing equipment.

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