Magnetic MicroBoom XXL Barrier Gate

Magnetic MicroBoom XXL Barrier Gate

Earlier this year ECI was called to replace an automatic barrier gate that spans a very wide access lane. The barrier gate is used to block access or egress at this point of the parking lot. It still allows the fire department and other emergency vehicles quick and direct access to the facility.

The project was in a near northwest suburb of Chicago. ECI had installed a similar barrier gate at this location about 15 years ago.

As you can see from the image above, the lane opening was exceptionally wide. We used Magnetic Automation’s MicroBoom Access XXL. This barrier gate can span lanes up to 33 feet wide. Please note the permanent black stanchion (supportive end of the barrier gate arm) at the far left.

The MicroBoom arm connects directly to the flange on the barrier housing. The housing is taller than most and the barrier booms can therefore accommodate optional barrier skirts that prevent crawling below the barrier. An extended skirt height of 51 to 70 inches also prevents climbing over the barrier as well as preventing crawling below.

Barrier gate arms can also be optionally lit to increase visibility. Bollards protect the equipment from accidental damage due to errant vehicles.

Also please note that strobe switches are regularly used to automatically identify an approaching emergency vehicle. A relay activates the barrier gate operator to open the gate to allow emergency access upon receipt of a signal.

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