Rockford Mass Transit Vehicle Revenue Control Payment Station

Vehicle Revenue Control Payment Station

Is the manual (pictured left) vehicle revenue control payment station going to be obsolete in the not too distant future?

You should be prepared for some changes in the design and operation of parking control systems according to a recently published article in Local Transport Today. The article entitled “Prepare for the future of parking” highlights some changes you might expect to see, including:

  • Recharge your electric car
  • Autonomous self-parking vehicles
  • Payment systems that are automated and/or networked
  • Mobile payment based systems
  • Gathering of and data sharing (comes with the territory)

I might add:

I found a very interesting idea about meshing all the available data in the future “…with road traffic management, vehicle-to-vehicle data, public transport and trip planning systems to make parking part of an intelligent mobility infrastructure.” This represents quite a challenge to government as well as the vehicle revenue and access control system industry and its users.

Further on, the article states that parking facility operators must “make it easier for drivers and their cars to park conveniently and compliantly” in the future.

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