A gang of five men were recently convicted in England of multiple counts of theft and burglaries involving crash and grabs. They used heavy construction equipment to break into banks to steal ATMs. They also hit stores in their ram raid endeavors.

The video above shows a telehandler with a telescoping arm pulling an ATM out of a smashed building in this ram raid. After dropping the ATM on the ground two perpetrators re-wrap the lifting straps around the machine. The telehandler then lifts the ATM up and loads it into the rear of a dark pickup truck.

At another site, the front of a Barclays bank is shown nearly demolished in a still shot. Two pictures of the stolen and abandoned construction vehicles are shown at the sites after the ram raids.

In 2018, over a span of eight months, the gang hit stores and banks across southeast England in similar ram raids. All in all 17 ATMs were stolen as well as cars and other items in some 52 incidents. However the robbers caused nearly twice as much damaged ($1.25 million) than the value of the contents stolen.

Earlier this year we wrote “Crash and Grab Video | Telehandler Destroys UK (England) Store Front“. We also reported “Ram Raid Culprits Again Use Heavy Construction Equipment” which occurred in Scotland. We have another video on this site “Video Shows Different Vehicles in Crash and Grab | Ram Raids” which is a compilation of several different ram raids.

We previously described a telehandler (a.k.a. cherry picker) before. It is a forklift device used in construction areas that is equipped with four wheel drive. It is combined with a telescoping boom arm fitted and different types of construction equipment. These devices may include diggers, forks, claws, buckets, etc.

Even our crash rated bollards and wedge barriers would probably not be effective in deterring a similar attack here in the U.S. They would be effective in minimizing damage caused by smaller vehicles such as cars or light trucks. One such incident we recently wrote about in “Chuck Duda Comments On Woodfield Mall Security Bollard Needs“. The extensive damage to the Sears entry and inside Woodfield Mall could have been effectively detered.

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