A permit request was reported in the Village News earlier this month. “Administrative permit issued for two Sandia Creek Drive gates” appeared on line March 5th.

Fifty-six residents maintain a private road stretching about 2.2 miles along Sandia Creek Drive and Sandia Creek Terrace. A majority of those homeowners want to add entry (and exit) gates to their area.

Those voting for the gates want to limit access to vehicles other than those belonging to both residents and their invited guests. By our definition, this amounts to becoming a gated community, although I saw no reference to walls or guard shacks.

A 2020 traffic study revealed “an average daily traffic volume of approximately 2,200 vehicles including 1,700 through traffic motorists. There is some opposition to the installations by residents and neighbors.

Two solar-powered swing gates are being proposed. In case of power failure, each gate will open automatically on back up battery power. This is what we refer to as a fail-safe condition. It allows free access and egress until power is restored.

Turnarounds are included. Signage “notifying motorists that the private section is closed to through traffic” is also included.

There was mention of access codes for USPS, utility companies and neighbors. This signifies a keypad entry system is to be included instead of access cards or vehicle identification systems.

Although keypad systems require less administration, there is a lower level of security since codes can easily be passed on. Also, there is also the inconvenience of multiple people must remember a change of access code.

Remote gate opening via radio frequency was also included in the plans. This typically involves the mounting of strobe switches that automatically detect approaching emergency vehicles.

The Village News publication offices are in Fallbrook, California is located just east of San Clemente (which lies between Los Angeles and San Diego).

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