I have been sharing pros and cons of gated communities and recently found the above video which offers some suggestions about security concerns. Crime is one thing I have mentioned before and the assumption here is that there is often less of it in a gated community with increased safety.

In the video Ken Pozak, a realtor in central Florida, suggests that there are typically fewer burglaries in a gated community. He does state that there are other types of crimes that do occur. In a previous article it was suggested it may even be your neighbors who are guilty of committing those crimes.

Ken suggests you do your research and get an overall picture of what’s happening in the gated community before you buy. You can go online to do the research. He also offers a great tip. You should actually talk to the local policing agency. Have them pull a list of the different crimes that have been reported in the area.

He mentions the three types of gated communities in central Florida and associated security concerns –

1. In an ‘Old School’ access community you merely need a numeric code to gain entry. This code is often distributed to other people outside of residents. Sometimes it is changed and sometimes it is not.

2. A gate with a 24/7 security guard is the best-case scenario for security. Here someone is there always checking ID’s, vehicle tags and lists. They carefully determine if someone is allowed in. (See below.)

3. The third kind is where you roll up to a camera and enter a form of identification. Someone in a remote location determines whether you are authorized to enter. (I do have some concerns here.)

As an adjunct to a community with 24/7 security guards. You should also consider how ‘tight’ the security is. I.E. If it’s a mixed community say with a golf course. Can people just enter by saying they’re going to the pro shop? Or visiting the restaurant? Will they then just be waived in without an ID?

Consider the type of access if security is an important issue with you. Pozak also talks about higher costs which are typically associated with security and amenities. He also mentioned he surveyed comparable square footage homes in his area and the cost of homes was significantly higher in gated communities.

If security is important – you want to make sure you get back what you’re paying for. It’s important to dig a little deeper and find out what you are indeed getting for your investment.

As you must know by now, ECI works with a lot of residential gated communities throughout the greater Chicagoland area. A list of many of those communities is found on our Gated Residential Communities page along with the equipment we provide for their access control and security.

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