Gibraltar Wedge Barriers Chicago Parking Lot

Gibraltar Wedge Barriers Chicago Parking Lot

Last year ECI was called in to install some heavy-duty vehicle parking access control devices for a parking lot under development on Chicago’s south side. This was an installation only project where the customer supplied all of the equipment.

Pictured above are two side-by-side Gibraltar M50P1 vehicle wedge barriers guarding the dual lanes at the parking lot. These two wedge barriers are one portion of our installation. I will write about the other portion in a later article. (Also notice the guard booth at the far left-center.)

Shown below is the street view prior to the installation when the area was in development. It is looking in the opposite direction.

Chicago Parking Lot Before Wedge Barriers

Chicago Parking Lot Before Wedge Barriers

These vehicle wedge barriers are a powerful tool for counter-terrorist or potential violent intruder applications. Each is rated to meet M50 P1 to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials International) F2656-07 test specifications. In English, this means they are crash tested to withstand a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour. It must allow penetration of less than or equal to 3.3 feet.

They are available in multiple widths from eight feet to 14.5 feet wide. The foundation depth we had to excavate was rather shallow for these barriers, just 12 inches in depth or 14 inches that allows for drainage. Neither rebar, spring or pneumatic assists nor chains are needed to complete the installation.

Each wedge barrier features bi-directional flashing lights. Options include battery backup.

We were given a very short timeline to prepare the foundation and complete the installation. But we managed to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

Learn more on our vehicle wedge barriers page.

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