Guard Booth Morgan Harbor Construction

Guard Booth Morgan Harbour Construction

Last year ECI was hired by Morgan Harbour Construction to off-load and set the grey guard booth pictured above on a concrete island at this new construction site. It brought back some memories. I went back into the archives and realized that it was just under five years ago that I wrote about a new installation of a guard booth in Chicago.

Old Guard Booth and Barrier Gates Moody Church Chicago

Moody Church Chicago Previous Guard Booth and Barrier Gates

New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates Moody Church Chicago

Moody Church Chicago New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates

Pictured here are two views of a guard booth we installed at Moody Church on Chicago’s near north side. We also furnished and installed the new automatic barrier gates for the entry and exit lanes. These replaced a much older guard house and gates. In fact, the roof of the guard booth leaked and the windows and the doors were broken.

Both of these installed guard booths can accommodate one guard at a time. But there are many size variations.

As with all of the guard booths we furnish and supply there are many, many additional options to choose from based on your particular needs and budget. There are color and finish options to meet almost any aesthetic and environmental concern. Heating units, window screens and air conditioners are available. Some also come with toilet facilities.

Many security and construction options are available to protect both the guards and the equipment from attack, vandalism or theft. These include locks, window shutters, exterior lighting, high security ballistic rated construction materials, etc.

Learn more about the options available on our Guard Booths page.

ECI can integrate your entire entry control system for you. We can combine all of your parking and revenue control systems, access control equipment, intercom units, vehicle detector loops, entrapment devices, etc. We also offer turnkey installation to minimize both your time commitment and your investment.

Has your parking booth seen its better days?

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