Here is our second video which shows another selective sampling of guard and parking booths in the greater Chicago area by ECI. These guard and parking booths range in size and many have custom features including elevated heights, custom paint colors and fascias, matching brick facades, etc. Some come with optional restrooms and HVAC units.

In Chicago, the first guard booth is at Tootsie Roll and is 4′ by 6′. It is done in custom colors and has a hip roof (where all sides gently slope downward to the walls).

The second booth on North Broadway Avenue in Chicago is a single person booth and slightly smaller at 4′ by 4′.

The 6′ by 8′ booth for Northshore Gas in Chicago replaced an existing guard building and is built on a platform. It has an extended fascia.

The guard booth for Moody Church in Chicago is 4’ x 8’. It has a metal standing seam roof (raised vertical seams that rise above the flat panels). It also boasts attractive colonial windows.

The next guard booth is at Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals in Morton Grove, IL. It is 6’ by 8’ and the brick matches the building’s brick facade. It also was built with exterior lighting.

The largest guard building at 10′ by 18′ for Nestles Food in DeKalb, IL is extended in height. It has tinted windows, a restroom and its HVAC unit matches those of the main building.

Indoor or Outdoor Guard Booths

Parking attendant and guard booths may be outdoor or indoor. These prefabricated buildings or rooms protect employees, revenue access control equipment and security equipment from vandalism or theft, assault as well as the elements. Options include raised or elevated installation in addition to ground level varieties. various roofing and window styles. Booths come pre-wired for electrical and some even with HVAC units as well as restrooms. Many security options are also available.

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