Here is our third parking and guard booth video with another sampling of installations by ECI here in the greater Chicago area. The booths range in size from small to large and many have custom features including hip and standing seam roofs, extended fascias and overhang, special glass, matching brick facades, etc. One was equipped with a restroom.

The first guard booth is six foot by eight foot and sports a hip roof. It is found at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.

At The Landings in Arlington Heights, IL the second is four foot by six foot, with an extended fascia and mill finished aluminum exterior.

The 6 foot by 10 foot booth at Rosemont’s Marriott Hotel has satellite glass, a standing seam roof to match the main building as well as a custom brick surround.

At Wrigley in Chicago the 10 foot by 18 foot guard booth includes a restroom. It also sports an extended fascia and overhang with exterior lighting, tinted windows and decorative panels.

We installed both the six foot by 12 foot booth at Heritage Crossing (Chicago) as well as the 10 foot x 14 foot booth in Joliet at Project Ocean.

Outdoor and Indoor Guard Booths

Prefabricated guard booths and parking attendant booths may be either indoor or outdoor. They are intended to protect employees, security equipment and access control equipment from theft, vandalism, the elements and even assault.

As you can see in the video, size can vary as well as inside or outside finishes, roofing and window variations. Guard booths most always come pre-wired for electrical. Some include restrooms (as above) as well as HVAC units. Other options include additional security features.

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