Earlier this month I wrote an article about three Hayward waist-high turnstiles and a handicap access gate we installed at a site in a south suburb of Chicago. It was entitled “Waist High Turnstiles and Handicap Accessible Gate Tandem.” This brief video shows the Hayward SwingGate SG100 automatically self-closing at the entry lobby.

The gate’s framework is 36 inches high and provides a 36-inch clear opening to meet ADA standards, although that can be increased to up to 60 inches wide. The gate swings 90 degrees in one direction. It is shown closing in the opposite direction.

The gate can interface with almost all access control equipment. Fail-safe passage on power failure is an option, as well as signage and custom railings to fit any space.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in July 1990 and later amended in 2008. It provides accessibility standards in public spaces and mandates businesses, government and education buildings and even transportation systems to provide accommodations for people with disabilities.

Accessible Pedestrian ADA-Compliant Gates Are Vital

Accessible pedestrian ADA-compliant gates are a vital part of this equation. They ensure everyone can seamlessly enter and/or exit a facility.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infographic, 12.1 percent of adults in the United States have an issue with mobility. This is defined as “serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs”. Access through a normal turnstile would most likely be a challenge for a large percentage of them.

These ADA-compliant or accessible pedestrian gates allow seamless entry and exit for individuals with wheelchairs, mobility aids or other disabilities. They provide everyone with both a safe and accessible entry point. They also furnish a convenient solution for delivery personnel with carts or hand trucks, parents pushing strollers or anyone carrying bulky items.

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