Hayward MR100 Fast Turn Turnstiles and ADA Gate

Hayward MR100 Fast Turn Turnstiles and ADA Gate

ECI recently furnished and installed the three Hayward MR100 Fast Turn Turnstiles and an ADA Gate (pictured above) for the Waukegan IL Park District. These pedestrian swing gates are located at Hinkston Park on Baldwin Avenue in the north Chicago suburb. They were needed to help control traffic flow in peak periods.

Hayward’s MR100 FastTurn is a step up from basic waist-high pedestrian turnstile models. The turnstile can be configured to control either single-direction or bi-directional passage. It also can integrate seamlessly with virtually any access control system via a dry contact connection.

Some of the key options for the MR100 FastTurn include:

  • Fail-safe or fail-secure modes
  • Key override
  • Red/green status indicator lights
  • Timed push-button activation

The Hayward MR100 ADA Gate is ideal for facilities that need an automated entry point that is wheelchair accessible. The gate features a full 36″ clear opening width to meet ADA compliance standards.

It can be configured for a one-way 90-degree or two-way 180-degree swing operation with a self-closing heavy-duty hinge. The gate is compatible with the same options as the turnstile version.

Both gates are available in a matching stainless-steel cabinet-style design and tamper-proof double-wall construction as the MR100 turnstile. They are built for minimal maintenance and tough long-term performance in interior or exterior environments, even with high-traffic volumes.

A controlled entry point is critical for security, monitoring occupancy and directing the flow of foot traffic in stadiums, corporate offices, schools or other venues. Turnstiles and ADA gates allow only authorized persons to pass through one-by-one while restricting unauthorized access and providing a choke point for credential checks.

In addition to waist high turnstiles and ADA gates, Hayward offers a line of full height and optical turnstiles as well as full height gates.

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