This short video demonstrates Doorking’s DKS Lane Barrier Accessory System. This accessory is an easy add on to one of DKS’ popular barrier gates and is available in various widths.

The typical application is where a higher desired degree of control of vehicle access traffic is needed without the expense of adding crash barriers, wedge barriers or bollards. Please note that this is not a crash rated vehicle control system according to Doorking. But it should provide a formidable barrier.

A heavy duty steel post in a surface mounted speed bump is added to the barrier gate. The steel post helps prevent vehicles attempting to run the barrier gate which is normally equipped with a break away arm to avoid excessive damage.

Barrier Gate Arm and Steel Post Rotate Into Position Together

The barrier gate and the steel post both rotate into their blocking positions at the same time. The barrier gate arm lowers 90 degrees from its vertical position to a horizontal and blocking position. The steel post rotates up 90 degrees from its flat surface mount position to block the vehicle’s lower portion at the wheel level. The optional traffic light is red to caution the driver to stop.

Once the vehicle is authorized to enter the barrier gate arm rotates 90 degrees upward and the steel plate rotates 90 degrees to the surface, the light turns green and the vehicle can proceed. Once the vehicle is clear through the vehicle detection loops, both the barrier gate arm and the steel post rotate back to their blocking positions.

The vehicle access control system is shown here with bollards protecting the equipment and building. Not shown but actively used are the vehicle detection loops buried in the pavement.

Doorking and ECI recommend usage in apartment complexes, gated communities, condominium associations, car rental agencies, parking lots, etc., where an extra level of security is desired.

Doorking is one of ECI’s leading suppliers and was established in 1948.

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