Magnetic Barrier Gates at Hines VA

Magnetic Barrier Gates at Hines VA

Late last year ECI completed an extensive project at the Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, IL as a subcontractor. (The hospital is located just north of the Brookfield Zoo if you are not familiar with it.) We updated much of the equipment we had originally installed about 15 years ago.

The image above displays two (of five) of the replacement Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates that are designed to manage lanes up to a width of 12 feet. These automated barrier gates offer swift opening and closing capabilities, making them ideal for high-traffic locations.

Moreover, they possess the ability to detect and prevent tailgating vehicles. These gates are engineered to endure up to 10 million cycles of opening and closing.

For areas with limited ceiling height, there is an option to equip these gates with articulated arms. In cases of forceful collisions, breakaway flanges can disengage the arm completely, safeguarding the operator from damage.

Additionally, there are illumination options available for the barrier arms to enhance visibility during nighttime operation. Furthermore, you have the choice to include heaters and backup batteries for added functionality. The operator housings come in a wide array of colors (shown here in white).

The vehicle detector loops in the pavement were also replaced. (You can plainly see the new cut marks and sealant in the pavement.) These serve a crucial role in the system as they activate the barrier gate operator as a vehicle approaches for entry.

Another loop triggers the gate to open as a vehicle approaches for exit. Once a vehicle has safely cleared accessing or egressing the gate’s area, the vehicle detector loops signal the barrier gate operator to close the gates.

I also want to point out the access control equipment on the pedestal mounts we wired into the system. Authorized users present their credentials to gain access to the parking lot. Software tracks information about the date and time of access for management to review. The new bollard covers were supplied by Post Guard.

ECI is your one-stop solution for all your parking access and revenue control requirements, including seamless integration with access control systems. We offer comprehensive turnkey installations to streamline both your time and investment.  Additionally, we provide top-notch servicing and maintenance for your existing equipment.

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