Last week I wrote about a Wisconsin installation where ECI supplied and installed two HySecurity SlideDriver™ 40 gate operators. The blog was entitled “HySecurity SlideDriver™ 40 Operators Move Two Custom Gates.” I also promised to show you a video; it’s included above.

What control device operates the gates?

We used the CellGate® Watchman® W410 virtual security guard access control system for seamlessly securing and managing gate entry remotely via mobile devices. The CellGate® system is designed specifically for commercial use and includes essential features tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. It offers enhanced convenience, security and flexibility for this property owner, or you.

Gate functions such as opening or closing the gates or monitoring activities can be remotely controlled from literally anywhere via a smartphone app or the TrueCloud™ web portal. The portal offers comprehensive oversight of all transactions and access credentials. Customizable date and time restrictions mirror traditional access control systems.

Enhanced visual verification through integrated external cameras is optional. Still photos can capture every entry, exit or access attempt and can be stored securely in the cloud for future reference. Or video clips, including a short pre-record period, can be stored locally on an SD card.

Prop open alerts ensure security protocols are maintained and unauthorized access prevented. A Wiegand interface allows integration with external devices such as exit keypads.

With its robust features and seamless integration capabilities, the CellGate®410 redefines security and convenience for commercial applications and ensures peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.

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