HySecurity Sliding Gate Operators in WI

HySecurity Sliding Gate Operators in WI

ECI furnished and installed two Nice/HySecurity SlideDriver™ 40 gate operators for these two colorful sliding gates at a southeastern Wisconsin location in 2022. The gate operators are the dark enclosures shown to the far left and far right in the image above. Each is on a concrete pad.

This SlideDriver™ 40 gate operators are powered by a one-horsepower motor that has a gate capacity of up to 4,000 pounds. A UPS version of this model is available that functions even during power outages. It comes with a two-horsepower motor.

These gate operators are versatile, reliable and can be customized to meet a wide range of security and access control applications. They each can operate within a wide temperature range without the need for a heater.

There are five additional models of this gate operator. They range from one to five horsepower models with capacities from 1,500-pound gates up to 20,000 pounds. Each is backed by a five-year warranty with product registration.

We added two entrapment sensors, one for each direction. These help protect against pedestrian and objects being trapped while the gates move in either the open or close travel direction. When a solid object is sensed by an entrapment device, the gate stops and reverses direction automatically.

This is a large custom gate leading to a parking facility. Next week we’ll post a video showing both gates operating in tandem. Programming options allow for a single gate operation as well.

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