Barrier Bar Complete - Vernon Hills IL

ECI offers turnkey installations that can minimize your total investment costs while also minimizing the time you must spend coordinating with multiple vendors. These photos show parts of a construction sequence for an office and warehouse in Vernon Hills, Il. Shown above is the final installation of a single lane leading to the loading dock at this location.

Barrier Bar Excavation 01 - Vernon Hills IL Barrier Bar Stantion - Vernon Hills ILPictured to the left is the extensive excavation that was needed. Shown to the right, the stantion is placed into position into the formed and reinforced (with rebar) hole.


Barrier Bar Concrete Pour - Vernon Hills IL Barrier Bar Placement - Vernon Hills ILThe image on the left shows the final rebar in place and the concrete pour is about to begin. On the right, the heavy steel I beam barrier bar is lowered into place and attached to the gate operator. The final installation is once again shown at the top.

This B&B-ARMR automatic gate beam barrier bar is an anti-terrorist vehicle barrier engineered to protect against forced vehicle access at high-risk points. They are DOS certified K4 rated and tested to withstand a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at up to 30 miles per hour.

The energy in the force of impact is transmitted to the concrete foundation supporting the stantions. Thus the need for a deep reinforced concrete foundation. Above-ground concrete is not required.

Because of the weight, hydraulic power is needed to raise each beam to the open position. The hydraulics also assist with gravity in controlling lowering to the closed position.

An electromagnetic lock was included in the installation for added security when the location is closed and unattended. Arm lengths range from 12 feet to a maximum of 18 feet for automatic operation and 16 feet for manually operated arms.

Push-button controls and a manual crank (for non-power operation) are included. LED flasher lighting kits and heater kits are optional equipment.

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