As you know, ECI installs, services and maintains access control and related equipment for many residential gated communities in the greater Chicago and southern Wisconsin area. See our Gated Residential Communities page for a listing of locations and equipment offered. You also should know I occasionally take a more whimsical look at our business.

I therefore confess, one day I was surfing the Web for articles about gated residential communities. It was amazing to find many, many lists of expensive communities in the U.S. Forbes magazine published a series of articles from 2003 to 2012 listing the most exclusive gated communities in America.

I found one article that provided great looking pictures, names and locations of these communities. An article in 2012 was “America’s Most Exclusive Gated Communities”. Pictures included communities in Connecticut, Florida, New York, Washington D.C. and California.

Of course I daydreamt of one day living in one of these homes. I soon came back to reality, but since I continued to be intrigued about the subject, I later continued my search.

According to a 2013 article from the Sacremento Association of Realtors the “The Top Five Most Exclusive Gated Communities” were then located in Connecticut, Florida, New York and California (2). The article was mostly verbiage with some descriptions but lacked images.

The Richest reported in 2014 “15 Gated Communities That Attract The Rich And Famous”. It included some mouth watering images. This expanded list included some of the areas listed in the other articles. Also included were locations in Hawaii, Nevada and Wyoming.

A 2015 MSN article “A look inside America’s luxurious gated communities” added locations in South Carolina and even Missouri. I also found a Pinterest board with additional communities. Alas, there were no Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana exclusive residential gated communities enabling me to commute to Mundelein! Oh, well.

You may click to enjoy the dream with me. Please let me know if you find some additional interesting residential gated community locations to visit. For now, it is time to make the donuts and I will therefore end with my usual closing…

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