Just last month ECI installed the full height turnstile shown above for FedEx Freight in Romeoville. The turnstile is part of BoonEdam‘s line of TurnLock turnstiles. This multi purpose model is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

This application was indoor. The turnstile separates a lobby entrance from a work area. It thus restricts driver and visitor access to that portion of the building while allowing employees with access credentials to pass through. ECI also tied in the provided access control equipment.

Someone with proper credentials can unlock the turnstile when he or she presents proper credentials at an authorized time. There is room for a single person so tailgating (or simultaneously following through) is deterred.

The person moved through the turnstile and proceed into the secured area as the turnstile rotates. Once the entry position is met, the turnstile locks itself and awaits the next authorization entry.

Turnstiles (or turnstyles) are sometimes referred to as baffle gates, ‘cheese graters’ or revolving doors. Turnstiles may also be half height for other applications such as fare collection in rapid transit locations.

In 2017 I wrote “Employee Turnstiles Replaced For Kraft Foods in Champaign” where we replaced two full height outdoor tandem turnstiles for Kraft Foods. Earlier this year we reported “Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access for Abbvie Employees“. In 2018 we installed an outdoor full height turnstile for Abbvie. This one was equipped with an ADA compliant doorway access and custom canopy shelter.

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