Transcore RFID Reader - Inverness Residential Gated Community

Transcore RFID Reader – Inverness Residential Gated Community

Earlier this month I wrote about “TransCore RFID Tags Used To Gain Access to Parking Garage”. In the article I discussed Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) receivers and tags (or chips). This combination effectively reduces the time needed to enter a parking facility. The authorized vehicle tags are identified automatically and a relay opens the barrier gate.

The same technology is also used in gated communities and residential areas. Last year I wrote about an installation at Inverness On The Pond. ECI replaced two older barrier gates at the entry lanes and added a barrier gate at the exit lane for this gated community. The barrier gates were installed next to a guard house where security personnel were in attendance. That blog article was “New Barrier Gates for Inverness Gated Residential Community”.

Part of the upgrade also included adding TransCore’s Emcompass® 4 self-contained RFID reader in the residents’ lane at the location. The unit is pictured above on the far right. It is mounted on a pole extending from the barrier gate operator.

The reader’s read range is typically 12 to 17 feet for cars (and other vehicles) equipped with tags. This allows the residents to access quickly and efficiently, even when there is no security guard present.

Residents were assigned eGo® Plus Micro Mini Sticker Tags for automatic vehicle identification (AVI). These peel-and-stick tags are easily installed on the inside of their vehicles’ windshields. They are small (2.9″ by 1.1 in.) and do not require a battery since the reader supplies the power in its beam.

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