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I found a 2016 blog article online at The Truth About Realty website. It is entitled “Pros and Cons of Gated Communities”. The piece offers a checklist for you to consider if you are in the market to make a move to a residential gated community.

The author does indeed give a list of positive factors as well as some of the negative aspects to ponder. For right now, I will examine most of the positives discussed.

We’ll tackle negatives in a follow-up article, some of which are surprising. There were also some interesting comments by readers I will share.

At the beginning of the article, the author asks whether a house in a gated community is the ‘right fit’ for you. These considerations may be ‘outside’ those that initially come to mind.

By design, a residential gated community allows access to only residents, standard service providers (i.e. utilities, garbage collection, fire responders, etc.) as well as those guests who are invited. Thus the aspect of safety or security ranks number one among the most appealing considerations when deciding whether to reside within a gated community.

An automated barrier gate or one that is attended acts as a deterrent. The former is less expensive while the latter offers enhanced security.

Either may eliminate, or greatly reduce, through traffic. This tends to make streets safer and quieter. I last wrote about a California community trying to eliminate through traffic in “Gated Community Request From Southern California Residents”.

Enhanced privacy, which includes fewer pestering solicitors, are other appeals. Although the latter will not exclude “neighborhood kids trying to sell you magazines and girl scout cookies.”

In most cases, homes are of higher quality and kept in better condition within residential gated communities. Demand for homes within the area may be higher resulting in a higher resale value.

Additional benefits may include a community center, swimming pool, shared exercise and sports facilities, planned social events, group activities, etc.

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