High Security Fencing Installed - Chicago Locks

Chicago Locks High Security Fencing Newly Installed

Last May I first introduced you to the high security fencing and sliding gate work ECI did at Chicago Harbor Locks, just south of Chicago’s Navy Pier. That article was entitled “Crash Rated Fencing and Sliding Gate | Chicago Locks Part 1“. I followed this up when I shared “K-12 Rated Sliding Gate Installed At Chicago Harbor Locks“.

The overall goal of this extensive project was to increase counter terrorist security protection. The enhanced security is meant to guard against vehicles possibly gaining access from the Navy Pier area. They then would be able to drive to the locks.

In the lead article I shared close up images of a new section K-12 Rated fence section and its discrete channels which house the reinforcing steel cables. The second article highlighted the massive K-12 rated automatic sliding gate with its reinforcing heavy metal beam.

Also previously noted were the security bollards that joined the fence sections. We had concrete poured over the bollards to encase them. The project included a person-gate and wing extension over the water. This helps prevent someone from climbing around the fence.

As an overview of the extent of this project, today I share with you two additional images. Above you see a long line of the high security fence as installed. Below you see a picture of the old cyclone fencing. Notice the dilapidated condition, including the bulging section.

Old Cyclone Fencing - Chicago Locks

Cyclone Fencing at Chicago Locks – Before

A total of nearly 450 feet of K-12 Rated fencing was installed. Ameristar / Assa Abloy supplied the high security fencing. Learn more about Crash Ratings.

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