Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

ECI was recently called upon to install these Calpipe K12 crash rated removable security bollards at the Social Security Administration building in Chicago. A total of five of these 880 pound bollards were installed, three of which are shown above with stainless steel covers.

Extensive construction work below ground level was required to ensure the security bollards met the Department of State (also DOD – Department of Defense) K12 rating. This rating requires the bollards to withstand the impact from a medium-duty, or 15,000 pounds, truck traveling at 50 miles per hour upon impact. Penetration of the truck bed must not exceed three feet to qualify. (Note: Details and pictures of the extensive excavation and construction will be covered in a future blog article.)

Removable Security Bollards

Most removable bollards require a locking system. Because these are so heavy, they only require heavy equipment to lift them out of their sleeves for access to the interior area as well as periodic cleaning.

Removal and cleaning should be done periodically to ensure they do not get fixed in place by dirt and debris. The cleaning is recommended to be performed. If maintenance and cleaning is not done and the bollards become fixed in place, they are nearly impossible to remove.

As discussed prior, counter terrorism, anti-ram bollards installed here (and elsewhere) are meant to protect the property perimeter from heavy, perhaps explosive laden, vehicles from making their way through the perimeter and carrying their loads to disastrous ends. They must also not provide entry for a second following vehicle.

You can read more about bollards and K ratings on our Crash Rated Bollards page.

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