Las Vegas Welcome Sign

In order to protect visitors to the country’s gambling mecca, Las Vegas is installing thousands of perimeter security bollards to sidewalks along the Strip. This to protect pedestrians from cars and trucks that may veer off the roadway. It is also meant to provide a positive visitor experience per police department officials. This according to a Los Angeles Times travel story I read last month entitled “Las Vegas’ new safety features? The city wants to stay fun — and secure“.

The security bollards are permanent, as are many that ECI installs. They stand five feet tall and are embedded in rebar and a foot of concrete. This is enough to stop a flatbed truck loaded with material that is traveling at 55 MPH. Over 4,500 bollards will eventually be installed along a six mile route, one point being the Las Vegas welcome sign shown above.

Installation began in 2017 and one incident has already been avoided. A bollard stopped a car driven by a drunk driver within four feet of a bench outside Paris Las Vegas.

Pedestrian bridges are also being installed to ease the traffic flow. These are among other efforts such as closed circuit television cameras, beefed up police department patrols, etc. meant to bring back tourists after the decline following the 2017 shooting incident at an outdoor country music festival.

ECI will continue to write about perimeter security bollards and their effectiveness in stopping both terrorist attacks using vehicles as well as low speed incidents where a driver loses control of his or her vehicle and causes physical harm to pedestrians or damage to property.

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