Level 4 Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

Level 4 Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

ECI is currently involved in an extensive project at a Chicago suburban location. The company is adding level four ballistic resistant guard booths at three locations.

One of the new guard shelters is (pictured at the left) at an access and egress point that is being reopened after being inactive for an extended period. The cyclone fence is temporary and will shortly be replaced with new gates.

I also wanted to share the image below which shows a 30-ton crane mounted on a flatbed truck. It is parked next to the new guard booth that was transported on its own flatbed. The booth was supplied by Portaking and is very heavy for several of the following reasons.

Crane and Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

Crane and Level 4 Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

A level four guard booth is like a small, armored bunker. It is designed to protect against military-grade weapons in high-risk security situations. Here is a description of some of the components of these types of shelter:

  • The booth provides complete 360 degree viewing as well as protection for occupants against ballistic threats.
  • They offer protection against very powerful small arms fire.
  • Additionally, they are designed to withstand multiple hits from high-powered rifles using armor piercing rounds.
  • The walls, roof, windows and doors are made from materials like ballistic steel, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) composites, ballistic glass, etc.
  • The windows are set in protective frames, here with 1.5” think, bullet-resistant glass.
  • Door locks, hinges and frames are strengthened to be pry resistant.
  • Walls and ceiling thickness can be up to 1/4-inch steel plate or more.
  • Some floors may also be reinforced to protect against penetration from below.
  • Ventilation, lighting, alarm systems communications and other utilities are hardened to maintain operation if the booth comes under fire.

Note that even though level four booths provide a high degree of protection, occupants must follow security protocols when and if threats are present. Periodic inspection and maintenance are both critical to maintain the integrity of the protection.

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