Linear® Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate Operator -Bridgestone 02

Linear® Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate Operator -Bridgestone 02

Earlier this year ECI was called to the Bridgestone Americas Distribution Center in Woodridge, Illinois near the intersection of 355 and 55. We replaced dual slide gate operators and installed safety devices as well as vehicle detector loops.

This was similar to the installation we reported in early November at the Rust-Oleum location in Pleasant Prairie, WI. That article was entitled: “Synchronized Automated Dual Sliding Gate Operators In WI

We installed Linear’s® HSLG (heavy-duty sliding gate operators) to replace the operators for the front entry dual gates. They provide seamless and synchronized operation of both gates to ensure secure and efficient access control at the entryway.

Linear® Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate Operator -Bridgestone 01

Linear® Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate Operator -Bridgestone 01

The two gate operators are configured as a master-slave system. The master operator is equipped with the main control board, power supply, and primary user controls. It takes charge of the entire operation.

The master operator is programmed to initiate the opening sequence, with the slave operator following suit. Similarly, during closing, the slave operator closes first, followed by the master.

Communication between the master and slave is done through synchronization cables. This ensures coordinated and safe gate movement.

HSLG Slide Gate Operator Specifications

The HSLG slide gate operator is available in three models, each catering to different gate capacities:

  • The HSLG-1 accommodates a gate length maximum of 55 feet and 1700-pound maximum gate weight.
  • The HSLG-2 has a maximum gate length of 35 feet and 1000-pound maximum gate weight.
  • The HSLG-4’s maximum gate length is 45 feet and 1200-pound maximum gate weight.

This Linear slide gate operator adheres to UL325 standards, which mandate the use of contact or non-contact anti-entrapment devices. Safety devices, such as photo eyes (as shown) or edge sensors, are wired to the master operator, preventing potential entrapment hazards. (Photo-beam shown on the post to the right in the top image.)

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