Linear® Slide Gate Operator 01

Linear® Slide Gate Operator 01

Last year ECI was called to this Naperville, IL location where we installed a Linear® Slide Gate Operator to replace an older operator and also match other slide gate operators installed on site. The operator is shown in the image above to the far-left center. It is the large black rectangular housing partially hidden by the bollard.

Linear® Slide Gate Operator 02

Linear® Slide Gate Operator 02

I also wanted to point out the photoelectric beam on the lower right side of the housing in the image to the left. It is one of the entrapment devices that signals the operator to stop and reverse the gate when either a person or object disrupts the beam. An edge sensor or contract must also be installed on the edge of the gate as well as another entrapment device.

The Linear® family of sliding gate operators includes several models. The GSLG-A is for heavy-duty industrial use, the HSLG is for commercial/lighter industrial use, while the VS-GSLG is specifically designed for variable speed control on very large, heavy industrial sliding gates. The latter offers the highest capacity and gate speed of the three series.

They all share some common features like entrapment sensing system, maximum run and auto close timers, dual gate capability, 24V DC power for accessories, continuous-tone entrapment alarm, warning beeper and selectable pre-start alarm. All models are ETL Listed and UL325 compliant.

Here is a list of the models, by horsepower (HP) and gate accommodations, maximum length in feet (‘) and weight in pounds (lbs):

GSLG-A Series:

  • GSLG-A (1/2 HP): 45’, up to 1100 lbs
  • GSLG-A-4 (3/4 HP): 60’, 1400 lbs
  • GSLG-A-1 (1 HP): 78’, 2200 lbs

HSLG Series:

  • HSLG-2 (1/2 HP): 35′, 1000 lbs
  • HSLG-4 (3/4 HP): 45′, 1200 lbs
  • HSLG-1 (1 HP): 55′, 1700 lbs

VS-GSLG Series:

  • VS-GSLG-2 (1/2 HP): 45′, 1100 lbs
  • VS-GSLG-1 (1 HP): 78′, 2500 lbs
  • VS-GSLG-7 (2 HP): 100’+, 4000 lbs

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