I saw a brief article in yesterday’s Daily Herald and also read the online story “Car crashes into front of Mount Prospect hardware store”. This is yet another example about a driver losing control of his car and causing major damage to both the car and the store.

This time the car, a Toyota Camry, while backing out of a parking spot jumped a median and took out the front of the hardware store on West Golf Road in this Chicago northwest suburban location. It was extremely fortunate that no one was in the store on a Sunday afternoon and neither occupant of the car was hurt seriously.

This was not the case in an incident reported here last month “Chicago Area Low Speed Accidents Call For Security Bollards”. There a vehicle crashed into a south side restaurant in Chicago killing one woman and injuring another.

Although low speed rated security bollards could not have prevented vehicle damage in either incident, they could have prevented extensive damage to the hardware store and restaurant. Perhaps the injury and death in the latter might have been avoided as well.

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