Again it has been several months since my last report about low-speed vehicular crashes. Then just last week I read about two local incidents.

The most recent incident “SUV backs into the front of a jewelry store in Schaumburg” appeared in a Daily Herald article last week. There was no mention of the driver’s condition or whether the store was open at the time. It was an apparent accident, perhaps a medical incident. The accident did, however, extensively damage the front of the store which is no longer “deemed safe for occupancy.”

This followed a story just a few days prior when NBC5 Chicago reported: “Car Smashes Through Suburban Pawn Shop’s Window”. The owner as well as a customer were actually in the store at the time of this low-speed crash. If you go to the site and watch the security video, it shows both of them narrowly escaping serious injury.

Such was not the case for the video shown above as an SUV crashed through Hijab House, a clothing store in Greenacre, Australia. The reporter stated that 12 people were injured, including the driver.

The question remains as to whether precautions to avoid such incidents should be made to guard against such situations. I am sure it will take a while to make the necessary repairs until the owners of the businesses can resume business. And hopefully, there is enough insurance to cover any business interruption.

However, in addition to property damage low-speed vehicular crashes do cause injuries to people, and at times even deaths as reported here prior.

Learn how perimeter security bollards can protect you and your patrons from injury as well as your establishment from extensive damage causing your normal business to be interrupted.

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