Loyola Access Control Devices Lot Deck B Entrance

Loyola Access Control Devices Lot Deck B Entrance

Parking Garage Lot B at the Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, IL lies between 3rd and 5th (Hines Blvd.) Avenues just south of 15th Street. Last month I wrote you about “Parking Access Control Devices At Loyola Deck B Exit Lanes”.

Today I want to share information with you about different single access and egress lanes from Deck B and the equipment installed there. ECI installed an extensive WPS Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) for Loyola in 2019.

A single access lane to the parking garage at ground level is pictured above. The barrier gate operator and combined barrier bar are in the background. The arm is in the horizontal or closed position.

An access control proximity card reader on a gooseneck pedestal is on the left. This reader allows staff and employees to enter after presenting authorized credentials.

A large rectangular configuration is shown on a base to the right of the pedestal. Mounted on it is a WPS validation receipt reader and a Valu-Pass proximity reader.

The configuration below is at the exit lane leading to 5th Avenue. The tall water tower is in the background. An intercom is included on the gooseneck in addition to the equipment also described above.

Loyola Access Control Devices Lot Deck B Exit

Loyola Access Control Devices Lot Deck B Exit

You can plainly see the darker grey sealed driveway cuts for the vehicle detector loop. Also, notice the many yellow protective bollards in both pictures. These are installed to help minimize damage to the sensitive equipment from accidental hits from vehicles. ECI also included the conduit work and electrical wiring and connections.

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