Loyola Deck B - Exit Barrier Gate

Loyola Deck B – Exit Barrier Gate

This is one of the dual exit lanes at the Loyola Medical Center parking lot Deck B. (The second lane is to the left.) The lot is off 3rd Avenue in Maywood, IL. Once again, this is just one part of the rather extensive WPS Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) that was installed by ECI in 2019 for Loyola.

In the mid-background, you can see the combined barrier gate and gate operator. The barrier gate arm is shown in the closed (horizontal) position. (Just a portion of the barrier gate arm is visible from the sister lane.)

An access control proximity card reader on a gooseneck pedestal is visible at the lower left. Medical staff and other employees present valid credentials to exit.

A Valu-Pass validation reader and display are shown just to the right of the gooseneck pedestal. It is the larger rectangular configuration on a box platform.

There are large gray triangles in the pavement of the lane. One is closest to the validation reader and a smaller one near the barrier gate arm itself. Vehicle detector loops have been installed to sense a car’s presence. They signal when the vehicle approaches the barrier to activate the readers and once it exits to close the gate. ECI furnished the concrete cuts and sealing.

Also shown are yellow protective bollards. These are installed to protect against damage from errant vehicles as well as smaller vehicles (i.e. motorcycles) skirting the exit lane. We also furnished and installed all of the conduit work, junction boxes, electrical wiring and connections.

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