Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates in Schaumburg 01

Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates in Schaumburg 01

ECI was called out to a new eight-story office building in Schaumburg, IL just about three years ago. At that time, I wrote about our work at “Vehicle Access Control Remedied At Schaumburg Parking Garage.”

We reconfigured the previous installation of automatic barrier gates that controlled access to the main and upper garage parking levels. We were able to modify the previous installation to meet the owner’s specifications.

Earlier this year we were challenged to come up with a solution for an unusual problem at the same location. It seems that trespassers were driving into the entry driveway in the front of the building after hours and on weekends and using the area for parties.

To control the after-hours traffic, we furnished and installed these two versatile Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates at the entrance and exit lanes from the street. (See the image above.) The gates remain open during normal business hours. (See the image below looking out to the street.) They are closed and locked down after hours and on weekends.

Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates in Schaumburg 02

Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates in Schaumburg 02

These automatic barrier gates offer a combination of swift operation, dependable security and customizable features for diverse needs. The durable gates span lanes up to 12-feet-wide. They are a long-lasting investment in controlling vehicle access control and can withstand up to 10 million opening and closing cycles.

Optional illumination ensures the barrier arms are clearly noticeable even in low-light conditions. This enhances both safety and convenience even further.

Optional heaters for harsh weather conditions and backup batteries for uninterrupted operation are also available. To match your aesthetic preferences, the operator housings come in a variety of colors (pictured here in a sleek white finish).

There were additional challenges at this installation. I will write about them in future articles.

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