Universal power supplies are generally included with gate operators in case of AC power failure. Backup rechargeable DC batteries are used to supply power at those infrequent times of power loss.

However, these batteries do not last forever and must be replaced periodically. Frequency of battery replacement depends on the age of the battery as well as how often AC power is lost, the battery power is used and then the battery is recharged.

According to Nice/HySecurity operations manuals for StrongArm Park DC Controllers, here are some indicators that your DC battery(ies) need replacing:

  • The words “DEAD BATTERY” or “LOW BATTERY” appear on your controller’s display.
  • A visual display “CHANGE BATTERY” appears on the display.
  • An audible chirp alarm comes from the operator about every minute. Like with smoke detectors – this indicates there is a problem.
  • AC (power) LOSS appears on the controller’s display.

Poor Barrier Gate Functions May Indicate Low Battery

Operational indicators which signal symptoms of low battery conditions are:

  • Your gate remains locked in either the open or closed position
  • Your gate opens five seconds after AC power loss and locks in the open position

You should consult your owners manual before attempting to replace batteries yourself. Proper procedures must be followed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping children away from the machinery.
  • Turning off power switches.
  • Using only recommended replacement.
  • Wearing protective clothing and protective eye gear.

Or, it’s recommended you contact a qualified professional service organization like ECI to check and replace batteries and make repairs or inspections to your gate controllers on a regular basis.

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