I got a chuckle from this video and wanted to share it since Stuart, the star of the video, has obviously enjoyed his own faux pas and cared to edit the video and share it with us all.

First we see Stuart meticulously manually installing four parking security bollards. A fifth security bollard was previously installed to the far left. (Some footage has been edited to shorten the video.)

The five parking bollards block most of the access to this parking lot. There is a gap to the left, where presumably he will set up a sixth bollard. This is verified by a note on the screen which tells us: “Umm I’ll leave a gap here so I can get out…”

As seen from another camera, Stuart gets into his BMW 5 Series and backs out of his parking space. Shifting back to the first camera, we see him ram the car into one of the bollards in the middle of the lane (rather than driving through the opening on the left). A pan of some sorts violently shoots out from under the car.

“Whoooops!” the screen tells us. I guess he forgot to go left through the opening he left for him to drive his car through.

Note: You should also look at the YouTube video as well. Scroll down to read some of the humorous comments!

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