Just a few weeks ago we wrote “Do Robots Contribute More Efficient Parking Control Systems” in a blog article. Now comes news that in Stuttgart, Germany Mercedes-Benz and Bosch are teaming up on yet another program based on automated vehicle parking.

The procedure is much the same as we wrote about for the new robotic parking valet in Lyon, France.

Mercedes-Benz Museum visitors will be able to drop off M-B cars with certain specified equipment in a selected area and use a smartphone app to start the parking process. Unlike the robots however, the cars convert commands into self-driving maneuvers that interface with sensors in the parking area. Bosch’s technology interfaces with the M-B cars to enable the process.

The visitors can call for their car by utilizing the same app when ready to depart.

Read more about this advanced technology in the article entitled “Bosch And Mercedes Will Park Vehicles Via Automation At The Automaker’s Museum Starting Next Year” that appeared in Forbes this past Tuesday.