This video may have some repeats from previous ones I shared showing you the ongoing battles between people trying to scam the system or those just not paying attention to their surroundings. However, there are some new hilarious captures I wanted to point out among the 10 scenes I watched.

Number 10 is new and shows a motorcyclist being knocked off his seat when trying to tailgate a ca passing through a barrier gate. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet.

Next, the driver thinks the barrier bate will go up even if she doesn’t present her validated ticket. Not so! So she backs up and presents her ticket but the now bent gate will not go up. So she backs up and exits her car to finish the job by completely bending the barrier gate at a 90-degree angle to allow her to exit!

A woman, in a hurry, pushes her way through a flexible barrier gate.

We’ve seen the woman in number seven get knocked off her feet by running chest first into a barrier gate as it lowers into the closed position.

Six again shows a barrier gate vaulter we’ve seen prior.

Five is also a repeat where a bicyclist gets stopped in his tracks and knocked to the ground by a lowering gate.

Four is another repeat. Here a woman in a three-wheeled scooter gets clotheslined as she attempts to ride under a barrier gate. She just keeps driving forward even though the impact raises the front wheel off the ground.

Number three is new. It captures a bus on a slippery road crashing into a barrier gate. The gate swings around and knocks a pedestrian on the sidewalk off his feet. A second pedestrian scrambles to get out of the way and another comes to the aid of the fallen.

I think number two is the funniest. A car attempts to tailgate a small truck and run a barrier gate. As the gate comes down the car passes over two automatic bollards. You guessed it, the bollards go up, catching the car in the middle as it is stranded in the lane with its rear end high off the ground!

Lastly, a man strolling through the area gets knocked on his head and falls to the ground by a barrier gate lowering into position.

I hope none of these people were seriously injured!

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