We found this video compilation in Manchester England of three separate incidents of cars versus bollards. Bollards won again!

In the first part a bus passes through an avenue after two bollards retract into the pavement. When the red car tries to tailgate through, it gets stopped in its tracks by the automatic bollard returning to its upright position. The car’s license plate is shown lying on the pavement.

The two male occupants inspect the damage. Then they simply remove their possessions and leave the car sitting there in the street. Perhaps they were late for tea.

The next segment shows us a fire truck passing through after a single bollards retracts. Notice the pavement around the bollard. It seems to be dry.

As a black car attempts to tailgate (another!) and drive through the street, the bollard rises up and the car is stopped. Notice the large chunk of material now in the foreground. There is also a large wet area on the pavement that is immediately noticeable as the car backs up. It’s probably the car’s radiator that has been shattered.

A pedestrian also notices the puddle. First two males, and then a third, approach the vehicle’s driver. I suspect they were from the fire truck since all three are similarly clad.

In the third segment, a blue car is violently halted after (once more) attempting to tailgate through the intersection following a bus. A woman walks around the car nonchalantly and continues on her way.

As discussed prior, these may be bus only (and emergency vehicles) lanes in the town where access is restricted at certain times.

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