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The Age reported a follow-up story on an incident I wrote about earlier this month: “Speeding Vehicle Rams Bollard In Australia Shopping Area”. This had to do with an auto speeding down a Melbourne shopping area and coming dangerously close to hitting pedestrians.

Simone Fox Koob wrote about a review of security measures in “Experts divided on retractable bollards after Bourke Street incident“. There is a conflict of opinion as to whether adding automatic security bollards will provide added security to the area or not. (Welcome to the U.S.A.!)

If you recall, pedestrians were shown fleeing a car that was speedily being driven through the shopping area after hitting a security bollard.
The bollards dig in fact protect the pedestrians in the immediate area from harm and thus met the intended purpose of the installation.

An investigation will take place as to whether additional devices need to be installed to prevent vehicles from entering the area and “travelling on the tram tracks.” Installing automatic security bollards would inhibit the trams traveling down the Bourke Street Mall as well.

Locations were cited where bollard use worked and of course, another opinion stated bollards “were problematic and ‘prone to error’”. Other strategies might be considered. No single solution is foolproof and there was a note of a few weak spots in the present configuration.

Watch the short video at 9news showing two female pedestrians fleeing out of harm’s way in the path of the car. A longer video is available on their Facebook page . The latter video also shows police response, the abandoned vehicle used in the episode and commentary from a police official.

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