In continuing with the lighter side of security during the holiday season, here’s another video entitled “When Bollards Attack”. The opening sequence needs some clarification since it appears to merely be a street scene that could be almost anywhere in the world.

Please take note as I point out four items. Firstly are the two security bollards near the middle of the screen. Next is the reddish pedestrian crossing pathway just before the bollards. Then the large red warning circle in the foreground and lastly the flashing red warning in the upper left quadrant.

This location is in Manchester, England where the automatic bollards guard entry into a bus only thoroughfare. The flashing sign at the left is the warning not to enter. (Since cars are parked beyond the bollards, I assume this is time restrictive and the red circle in the pavement gives drivers that warning.) Some sort of electronic device such as a vehicle tag must act as valid credentials on each bus.

Now a silver car is stopped in front of the bollards and then backs up out of the lane. (Note the position of the bollards and the red pedestrian crossing lane at the top right in the video.)

Next, a green bus approaches and stops until the bollards are retracted. The bus pulls forward and another silver car attempts to skirt through but rams up against a bollard. Fortunately, there seems to be little damage and the car backs out.

Then an orange bus passes through but a black SUV crashes into the raised bollard and stops abruptly. The car’s rear end rises up off the ground from the force of the collision and the driver’s airbag deploys. The windshield wiper and emergency flashing lights start, then both the male driver and female passenger exit the vehicle. The man is holding his head in apparent pain while the woman retrieves their child from the rear seat while onlookers assist. (I do hope no one was severely injured.)

The third incident is apparently at a different location (notice the third bollard to the left as well as the different camera angle and street markings) and different circumstances. Here a red van drives through the lane but a tailgating white van has no such luck in its attempt to tailgate.

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