New Automatic Barrier Gate

New Automatic Barrier Gate

Shown above is a Nice/HySecurity StrongArmParkā„¢ DC automatic barrier gate at the entrance to Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. The gate is in the horizontal or closed position. You can plainly see the sealed cut marks in the pavement below the barrier arm where we also installed and connected a vehicle detector loop.

ECI replaced an old, obsolete barrier gate that was manually operated. It is shown below just beyond the guard shack. A guard had to be present at the gate at all times to manually operate it.

Old Manual Barrier Gate

Old Manual Barrier Gate

For a vehicle to gain entry the guard had to manually push a button to open the barrier gate. Once the vehicle entered the guard pushed a button to close the gate.

The new gate is partially automated. Every vehicle must stop for a guard to authenticate access before proceeding. The guard still activates the barrier gate by pushing a button to open it. But now it closes automatically once the vehicle detector loop senses the vehicle has passed through.

ECI also added a locking feature. The gate can be manually locked in the vertical (up) position for an event, snow plowing, emergency access, etc.

Nice/HySecurity StrongArmParkā„¢ DC barrier gates are suitable for high-capacity parking lots, residential gated communities and low clearance garages. The standard configuration is left-handed, but each can easily be converted to right-hand.

Gate arms are available in 10-, 12- and 14-foot lengths to span various lane widths. Articulating arms for low-ceiling parking lot applications are also available.

The arms are aluminum and can be equipped with lights, bumpers, breakaway brackets and kill switches to help protect both vehicles and pedestrians. Optional solar power can be used if electricity is not available. Standard UPS backup batteries provide operation for up to 1000 cycles depending on conditions.

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